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Standards & Tests applicable to Contamination Control Fabrics and Apparel

Steriwear® range of contamination control clothing generally meet or exceed the recommendations contained in IEST-RP-CC-003.2 and other standards as discussed below.

While all fabrics are subjected to a battery of tests ranging from physical, chemical and microscopic tests like Weight per unit area (ASTM D3776-96), Thread count, Twist count, Yarn size (Denier), Tear strength (FTMS 101C Methods 5034/5035), Durability (ASTM D-4157), to highly complex procedures, cleanroom fabrics are principally concerned with the additional special tests listed here:

1 Particle Arrestance IEST-RP-CC-003.2
2 Particle Release ASTM F51-68 (modified) or
Helmke Drum Test
3 Air Permeability FTMS 101C Method 5450
BS 5636: 1990
4 Equivalent Pore Size BS 3321: 1986 (1991)
5 Moisture Vapour Transmission
Spray Rating Index
Suter Hydrostatic
BS 3424 Part 34 Method 37:1992


For the Semicon Industry, where ESD is a serious hazard, additional tests include:

6 ESD Properties
Surface Resistivity
Charge Decay
AATCC 76-1969
BS 6524, 1984
FTMS 101C Method 4046
7 Total volatiles & extractables IEST-RP-CC-003.2


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