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Our Pedigree is a key differentiator

Research studies confirm that 80% of all types of contamination, and almost 100% of microbial contamination in well-designed and properly maintained processing areas are traceable to the personnel within. More often than not, the cause is poor gowns and gowning.

Since gowning is intended to serve as a barrier between the controlled microenvironment and the human microenvironment, both fabric and tailoring merit careful consideration. Any compromise could also compromise your product and reputation.

Steriwear® was founded in 1983 for the sole purpose of producing contamination control clothing for the cleanroom industry in India under the direct oversight of the renowned cleanroom expert and author of several books, Mr C K Moorthy, currently the Principal Facilitator at Center for GMP. We are, and have always been, dedicated to fulfilling this objective, and offer no other product or service, not even other categories of clothing.

We owe to Mr Moorthy our deep understanding of contamination control, cleanrooms and the special practices prevailing in that industry. We learnt from him the difference between cleanroom garments and other types of clothing: what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Mr Moorthy helped us to appreciate and anticipate the user's special needs and concerns, which is reflected in how we manufacture these garments, and the care we take over details.

For example, we were taught that dust collection points must be scrupulously avoided; pockets, belts and loops should be strongly discouraged; care should be taken to ensure that fabric edges must be tucked in and concealed to prevent linting.

Yet there are users who insist on pockets: so our designers came up with an ingenious design that has no crevice or collection point!

We are trained not to respond to an enquiry like any common vendor seeking to sell a product, but to render as much support as warranted to assist the Buyer in making an informed choice in his quest for contamination control. Cheaper alternatives sourced from vendors and dealers unfamiliar with the special and unique specifications dictated by contamination control are not options for the discerning quality driven user: these "alternatives" only flatter to deceive, lulling you to a dangerously false sense of security and complacency. Certainly your product deserves better. In fact, your product deserves nothing less than Steriwear®.

Steriwear® offers cleanroom garments in two colours: white and light blue. Steriwear® range is robust and withstands sufficient wash and autoclave cycles without serious deleterious effect. If you are not already using Steriwear®, we recommend you try us: our quality, finish and durability will please you, as much as our prices will delight. You will be glad you did.

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