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Our fabric has been a key differentiator

Way back in 1980 we set out in search of a cleanroom grade fabric. Based on our URS, experts drew up specifications and development work commenced with a captive indigenous vendor. It took us nearly three years to have the first useable fabrics: one made from an ester monofilament yarn, the other from dual filaments, one ester and one amide. In 1983, after the first round of testing at various international laboratories vindicated the repeatability of test results, we introduced these as proprietary fabrics (Exlint and Lintex), featuring non-static and non-linting characteristics: all this was at a time when the industry was either importing or using limited-linting blended polymeric fabrics. These fabrics held sway for 25 years, until 2008, when both were replaced by the current Exlint-MSD 106, made with a blend of Dacron© and Carbon filaments. This new fabric, apart from being lint-free, is static dissipative: conductive and antistatic.

Laundry compatibility

DI water, PCE, DCE, Freon TF.

Fabric routinely subjected to wash and steam sterilisation temperatures without significant change in physical, chemical or ESD properties. Durability greater than 100 cycles.

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