MSL Steriwear<sup>®</sup> MSL Steriwear®
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Steriwear<sup>®</sup> Steriwear<sup>®</sup> Steriwear<sup>®</sup>
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Our Designs & Workmanship are key differentiators

Our designs have evolved over the decades through constructive interaction with users, so that they are attractively styled, comfortable to wear, rugged and durable, while at the same time exceeding all cleanroom-related standards and norms .

Double-stitching to eliminate raw edges
Our yarn makes the difference!

Care is taken throughout to avoid contaminant collection points which are inaccessible while cleaning. To control linting, each separate piece of garment is first trimmed along its raw edges to prevent fraying, and then stitched together with edges tucked in for concealment using a double-seam. Continuous polymeric monofilament thread is used throughout garment. Inside construction details are as carefully finished as those outside.

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